Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can enter?

    ThePhotograph | Annaul Photography Awards is open to all amateur photographers, both student and non-student, in the United States, Canada and worldwide. There is no age limit.

  • What about copyright?

    Each entrant retains the copyright to their images, and we will not sell them. We may occasionally display your images in our advertising and social media when in association with this competition.

  • Do you accept photos with digitally manipulated?

    No. Digitally manipulated photos are not acceptable. The photos should not be altered any desktop graphics editor.

  • What are categories?

    We have 16 categories. Abstract, Animal, Black & White, Architecture, Children, Culture, Landscape, Nature, Other, People, Portrait, Sports, Still Life, Street, Travel & Weddings.

  • Do you accept photos from photographers in foreign countries?

    Yes. You may enter online. entry fees must be in U.S. dollars.

  • How can I pay for entering my photos if I am a foreign entrant?

    Payment of entry fees must be in US dollars. If you are entering online, the system that manages the online entry fees will take care of it automatically. We do not accept Western Union or  wire transfers.

  • Can I submit my images via e-mail, as prints or CDs in the mail?

    No, We only accept digital submissions via our website. It's the fastest and most convenient way for you and for us.

  • What size / format file should I submit?

    • Image Size must have a long dimension of at least 1000 pixels and less than 2000 pixels.
    • Digital files should be 72dpi, sRGB or Adobe98,
    • Save file as (JPG) with maximum quality.
    • File Size should be no more than 4 Mb.
  • Is there a limit to the number of photos I enter?

    No. You may enter as many as you like. The most you can enter at one time is 30.

  • Can images taken on mobile phones be entered into the competition?

    Yes they can. These images should still be no smaller than 1MB in order to enter them, and a higher resolution version may still be required.

  • Do my photos need to have been shot with a sponsor’s equipment?

    No, you may use any make of camera/equipment for any of our contests.

  • Can my images contain my Name or Watermark?

    No. In order for our judging to be ‘blind’ your submissions must not contain any visible watermarks, names, image frames, borders and logos.

  • Can I change my images after submission?

    No. Once you have selected to ‘submit’ your images into a specified category, you will not be able to change it. 

  • I uploaded my photos but did not receive an email confirmation?

    You can simply log back in to the contest and see your photos. If you can see them, then we have them! Contact us directly if you would like to be certain. Please note, you cannot log back in after the final deadline. At that point, only the judges have access to the database.

  • Who are the judges?

    Experts from across the photographic industry to determine the Winners and Honorable Mentions, we employ a panel of three judges. Our judges are always professional photographers who are also college-level photography instructors.

  • Return of the Entries

    Entries will not be returned. Only winning entries will be kept on file for promotional purposes. ThePhotograph will not be responsible for any damaged or lost submissions.

  • What about publication?

    By entering this contest, you understand that we have one-time rights for publication of all winning photos and honorable mention photos in the hardcover book. First through Third Place winners will also be published one time in "ThePhotograph | International Photography Awards" Book.